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Social Work Boundary Issues in the Digital Age: Reflections of an Ethics Expert (1 credit hour)

Program Summary:  This course explores social work boundary issues and ethical conflicts that result from a growing use of technology and remote contact with clients.  The course examines three forms of boundary challenges encountered by social workers in the digital age:  ethical judgments, ethical mistakes, and ethical misconduct.  Case examples are given.  Boundary issues related to intimacy, emotional and dependency needs, personal gain, altruism, and unanticipated circumstances are identified.  The NASW Code of Ethics and the NASW Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice are discussed and offer updated ethics and technology standards for social workers.

“With growth in the use of communication technology in various aspects of social work practice, social workers need to be aware of the unique challenges that may arise in relation to the maintenance of confidentiality, informed consent, professional boundaries, professional competence, record keeping, and other ethical considerations” (NASW Code of Ethics).

NASW Code of Ethics:

NASW Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice:

This course is recommended for social workers and is appropriate for beginning and intermediate levels of practice.  This course is not recommended for NBCC ethics credit.
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