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Continuing Education courses about Women

Substance Use in Women (2 credit hours)

Program Summary:  This course examines the ways in which women may differ from men in how they use drugs, respond to drugs, and respond to treatment.   The course looks at sex and gender differences related to the use of marijuana, stimulants, MDMA, heroin, prescription drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.   Research on substance use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is also included.

This course is recommended for social workers, counselors and therapists and is appropriate for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of practice.   Read the complete description of this course…..

Working with Lesbian-Headed Families: What Social Workers Need to Know (1 credit hour)

Program Summary:  This course offers suggestions for social workers when working with lesbian-headed families.  The course proposes three key areas:  knowledge, space, and language that social workers must address when working with non-traditional families.

This course is recommended for social workers and is appropriate for beginning and intermediate levels of practice.   This course is not recommended for National Certified Counselors. Read the complete description of this course…..

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